The Film Collaborative thanks you so much for agreeing to take our survey and contribute to a document that will benefit all video content creators! The document will be compiled and distributed for free via our website in the coming months.

This survey is intended only for creators who have already or are currently actively distributing their work. Work in development, preproduction or only starting to play festivals should not be represented in this survey. As this is an anonymous survey (your name, contact details and project name WILL NOT be requested), please feel free to go into detail with your answers.
What type of project are you marketing? *

(ie. documentary, narrative feature, webseries, short film)
If your film is a narrative feature, narrative short or webseries, what genre best describes it?

(ie, horror, drama, comedy etc)
Give an approximate dollar range of your production budget? *

What is/was the approximate dollar range of the budget for marketing and distribution of the project?

A ballpark range will do. This includes either what the production spent and/ or what the distributor spent to support the release of your film.
Please break down the marketing and distribution costs.

Publicist, advertising, deliverables for various platforms etc. Please share your budget for print media (if any and what type) and same for online (where and what type).
What partnerships did you make or other details about how your project was marketed and distributed?

Did you form organizational partnerships, which distribution methods were utilized, did you utilize festival distribution (screening for a fee) etc. What was most successful? please elaborate.
What were the revenue results of your efforts?

Please provide revenue figure Year to Date (ie, minimum guarantee, sales/licensing figures, ad supported revenue etc)
If your project was picked up by a distributor, are you satisfied with the level of marketing they have done? What types of proof have they provided to you that shows they are actively working on the marketing of your project?

What marketing tools or services were most useful and how did you measure success?

Please share the names of tools or services (even people or agencies) that demonstrated measurable success.
What advice would you give to other filmmakers about marketing and distribution?

What was a waste of time, what would you do again, career opportunities that came as a result of your efforts, etc?
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